Fracture by Tolga Berkay

Tolga Berkay Reveals The Fracture Bathroom Set

Tolga BERKAY, the designer of the award winning design Tolga BERKAY's Fracture bathroom set explicates, Unique style of ceramic sanitary ware, remarkable design of fracture glass lines Comment Deconstructivism…Fracture Disintegration of the i <Cropped>

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Natural Landscape by Shiro Nakane-Nakane Associates

Shiro Nakane-Nakane Associates Portrays The Wareth Gardens Natural Landscape

Shiro Nakane - Nakane Associates, the creator of the highlighted work Wareth Gardens - Natural Landscape by Shiro Nakane - Nakane Associates illustrates, Wareth gardens are Japanese style gardens, 6.5 hectors which are dramatically organized through <Cropped>

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Design Against War

Emergency, Sosdesign and Desall Invite You to Design Spaces, Products and Services to Meet Lifestyle and Medical Needs in Regions Affected by Ideas Contest On Emergency, Sosdesign and Desall Invite You to Design Spaces, Products and Se

Emergency, sosdesign and desall invite you to design spaces, products and services to meet lifestyle and medical needs in regions affected by war.New ideas contest on emergency, sosdesign and desall invite you to design spaces, products a <Cropped>

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Poster Series by Keelin Coyle

Keelin Coyle Discloses The The Art of Perseverance Poster Series

Keelin Coyle, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Award Winning The Art of Perseverance Poster Series spells out, The challenge was to create a poster series that was both unified and visually diverse. By utilising a structured design sy <Cropped>

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Riverpark-Residential by Agnus Wong & Louis Lau

Agnus Wong & Louis Lau Presents The Riverpark Residential

Agnus Wong & Louis Lau, the author of the award winning design riverpark by Agnus Wong & Louis Lau says, The owner is a big fan of cooking and love arranging gatherings with friends, we would like to put this two identities into our design to <Cropped>

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Restaurant and Bar by Nexus Design

Nexus Design Shows The The Greenhouse Restaurant and Bar

Nexus Design, the lead designer of the highlighted project The GreenHouse - Restaurant and bar by Nexus Design points out, Greenhouse tries to recreate an area with natural plants in the middle of a polluted urban city thereby providing a a natural g <Cropped>

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Zimmer Aaos '16-Trade Show Exhibit by Ian Pfeil & Dan Rutkowski

Ian Pfeil & Dan Rutkowski Designs The Zimmer Aaos '16 Trade Show Exhibit

Ian Pfeil & Dan Rutkowski, the thinktank behind the awarded project Zimmer AAOS '16 by Ian Pfeil & Dan Rutkowski explicates, Our design incorporates both custom and rental elements to create an efficient, custom space. We utilize our pro <Cropped>

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Heavenly Creation by Hao He

Hao He Demonstrates The Heavenly Creation E-Book

Hao He, the architect of the displayed work Award Winning Heavenly Creation E-Book points out, To design a book in an interactive way is a hard work, specially for an ancient book. Heavenly Creation was the first encyclopedia in China, which is cover <Cropped>

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Golden Pin Design Award & Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2019

Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award 2019 Call For Entries Is Now Open. The Award Is a Golden Opportunity For Companies, Design Teams, and Individuals From All Around The Globe to Demonstrate Design Excellence in Taiwan, Asia, and Beyond. The Early Bird Ent

Taiwan’s golden pin design award 2019 call for entries is now open. the award is a golden opportunity for companies, design teams, and individuals from all around the globe to demonstrate design excellence in taiwan, asia, and beyond. the early bir <Cropped>

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Paper Dna M2 Reader by Nikolaus Frank

Nikolaus Frank Shows The Paper Dna M2 Reader Medical Fraud Detector

Nikolaus Frank, the author of the awarded project Nikolaus Frank's Paper DNA M2 Reader Medical fraud detector explains, The PaperDNA M2 reader is an authentication solution to prevent counterfeit in pharmaceutical products, which is an increasin <Cropped>

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